Farmer wins appeal on pups shooting sentence

Irish Examiner, 17/1/2003
A farmer who shot two greyhounds pups owned by his neighbour after they worried his cattle successfully appealed at Waterford Circuit Court yesterday (16/01/03) against the severity of a sentence previously imposed on him at the district court.  see more

Thugs mutilate family pet and leave it to die in ‘horrendous’ attack

Irish Examiner, 15/9/2005
A family pet which was saved from drowning was butchered with an axe or a grinder by thugs who then threw the dog up on a pillar outside a housing estate and left it to die.  see more

Waterford News/Star, 26/5/2000

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Michael Cashin (34) 76 Connolly Place, Waterford was found guilty of cruelty to a German shepherd dog at Waterford District Court. The court was told that the dog lost 201lbs in weight and that it was in poor condition with his backbone and ribs protruding. It was reported that Mr. Cashin has an alcohol problem. The judge imposed a baring order on Mr. Cashin for keeping a dog until such time he could satisfy a court of law that he was not abusing alcohol and was capable of looking after himself and therefore capable of looking after a dog.

Mutilated greyhounds dumped in river

Irish Independent, 7/9/2005

Animal rights groups have expressed horror at the discovery of the mutilated remains of three greyhounds, floating in a river. The dogs, found in Co Waterford, had their throats cut and ears sliced off. The discovery has shocked both locals and Greyhound Action Ireland (GAI) which is campaigning for the humane treatment of dogs. GAI official Tony Peters warned that such incidents of animal cruelty were no longer isolated.

Pets mutilated on railway tracks

The Star, 13/6/2003
A town has been left shocked after a series of savage attacks on cats and dogs. Two cats were found battered to death in gardens close to railway lines running through Carrick-on-Suir Co.Waterford. Three mutilated dogs were discovered on the tracks and owners of a missing dog and cat in the area fear the worst. 

Gardai questioned a number of youths in relation to the attacks on the cats. "The two cats found in gardens were badly beaten. They were kicked to death and stood on," said a garda spokesman. A woman who springer spaniel, Prince, was found mutilated on the railway tracks, said he had been a family pet for eight years. "He just wandered off one day and we never saw him again," she said. "We heard a vet found Prince and another dogs on the railway tracks." We have heard reports of dogs being thrown off the bridges or tied to the tracks."

Local vet Gerry Clancy saw two dogs on the railway tracks. "The springer spaniel was chopped to bits". It was alive but in flitters and we had to put it down on the sport." he said. SPCA spokeswoman Angela Anthony has warned pet owners in the area to be extra vigilant.

Farmer wins appeal on pups shooting sentence

Irish Examiner, 17/01/2003

a farmer who shot two greyhounds pups owned by his neighbour after 3)they worried his cattle successfully appealed at Waterford Circuit Court yesterday (16/03/2001) against the severity of a sentence previously imposed on him at the district court.

Nicholas Kenneally, Smartcastle, Kilmacow Co. Kilkenny has received a three-month suspended sentence and was fined €700 for cruelty, ill-treating the 15-week-old pups on July 6, 2001. Bernard Fox said he had more than 20 greyhounds and that there was “bad blood” between the two families. One of the pups died and the other had to be put down later. Veterinary surgeon George Kinsella said the pups were in a state of complete collapse after the incident with up to 20 pellets under their skin.

Mr. Kenneally said he saw 25 to 30 of his cattle excited and running with three dogs chasing them and swinging from their tails. The cattle ran through wire fences and gate and the farmer said he had no alternative but to get the gun and fire at the dogs. He said for the last 10 years he had endured continuous problems with dogs following his cattle and some sheep had been killed.

Judge Michael O’Shea said yesterday that it would have been impossible for the pups to worry the cattle so as to give reasonable apprehension that injury would be caused to the animals. Discharging the gun was, he said, reckless and unreasonable behaviour.

The judge said however that he would withdraw the suspended prison sentence and reduce the fine by €100 to €600. He said there was no evidence that Mr. Kenneally was a risk with a gun and he was satisfied that he remained a suitable person to hold a licensed firearm. The judge directed that the weapon be returned to the farmer.

Mutilated greyhounds dumped in river

Irish Independent, 07/09/2005

Animal rights groups have expressed horror at the discovery of the mutilated remains of three greyhounds, floating in a river. The dogs, found in Co Waterford, had their throats cut and ears sliced off. The discovery has shocked both locals and Greyhound Action Ireland (GAI) which is campaigning for the humane treatment of dogs. GAI official Tony Peters warned that such incidents of animal cruelty were no longer isolated.

Family’s shock to find hacked dog

Horrific: Poor little greyhound lay with ears sliced off after vicious mutilation

Evening Herald, 20/10/2005

This is the gruesome sight that greeted the Maher family when they returned home from a celebration with family and friends.

  The viciously mutilated and starving greyhound bounded in the front door of their Co Tipperary home, horrifying little Aaron (5) and Ellen (3) Maher.

  The emaciated animal – its ears hacked off and half its scalp cut – ran straight down to a bedroom.

  But the brave pooch – which has since been given the name Fionn – just wagged its tail, no doubt delighted to be indoors after suffering outside for what, its carers say, must have been weeks.


Speaking to the Evening Herald, Donna Maher said: “(The dig) was starving and freezing but absolutely friendly. Even though he was in a lot of pain he was still wagging his tail.”

  She described the reaction of her children to the horrific sight.

  “Ellen noticed (the wounds) first. She came in screaming. My 13-year-old (Sarah) was crying her heart out. My son (Aaron) didn’t know what to think.

  “They were all disgusted. It was a pitiful looking sight. Anyone who can do that to an animal cannot say they are human.”

The Mahers had been out celebrating the 11th birthday of their friends’ son on Saturday when they returned home to find Fionn.

  “How can you explain this to a child? (Fionn) looked like he had been in a fight with another dog. He was starting to smell because (the wound) was getting infected,” Donna said.

The family kept Fionn in their house in Moyne overnight and the next day brought it to the local vet, while also contacting the Tipperary Friends of Animals SPCA, which is now looking after the tragic little dog.

  Sarah even offered to pay for his upkeep out of the money she earns from babysitting because she does not want him to be put down.

  The society assured the family, however, that Fionn will not be put down, even if no one offers him a home. Bernie Wright of Greyhound Action Ireland is now calling for an end to greyhound racing as the only solution to stop this kind of mutilation being inflicted on dogs.

  “As greyhounds are tattooed on both ears to identify them for racing and coursing purposes, this practice is becoming all too common in Ireland and the UK.”

In the coming weeks, the group will be distributing flyers with Fionn’s photo and the heading ‘do you know this dog?’ at every racecourse in Ireland.

  The heartless mutilation of Fionn is just the latest in a litany of savage attacks occurring on greyhounds in this country.

  In Waterford two months ago, a man out walking his dog by a riverbank came across the bodies of three greyhounds, their throats cut and their ears removed.

Horror of dog found slashed

News of the World, 23/04/2006

Vets hope DNA testing will help track down the owner of a mutilated greyhound.  ‘Aoife’, whose ears had been cruelly hacked off, was found dumped in Tramore, Co Waterford.  The ISPCA’s Andrew Quinn said that the animal is recovering from its ordeal.

Turf Club set to review fatalities at Tramore 

Racing post.com, 06/08/2011

THE Turf Club is to carry out a full review of events at Tramore on Sunday when four horses were put down after suffering injuries on an all-jumps card.

  Denis Egan, chief executive of theTurf Club, said on Monday: "We intend sitting down with all the relevant groups - the trainers' and jockeys' associations and our own officials - to consider exactly what happened and to see if anything can be done to reduce the risk of such unfortunate incidents happening again."

  Jim Kavanagh, chief executive of the Irish Racehorse Trainers' Association, said: "I spoke with Denis Egan today and our association will be happy to meet the Turf Club and any other parties to assess what happened at Tramore and the possible reasons.

  "I'm not in the business of apportioning blame and these things do happen. But what happened on Sunday is obviously a concern. It is always a concern for trainers when a horse has to be put down or is badly injured on any track.

  "If the review comes up with any improvements that might help the situation, then it will be work worth doing."

One of the horses who died was thenine-year-old Mr Bones, who broke a pastern approaching the second-last in the 2m6f handicap chase. His trainer Jimmy Coogan said on Monday: "Mr Bones won seven races for us - a bumper, three hurdle races, two chases and a Flat race. He was a great servant and meant a lot to us. It was terrible to lose him.

  "Barry [Cash] thought he was going really well and that he was going to win. It all happened so quickly I can't be sure if he slipped or what caused the accident.

  "They did their best watering to ensure safe ground. Some jockeys said it was a bit slippy, I don't know. But when you go to Tramore and the ground is good to firm then you have a fair idea of what it is going to be like."

The other casualties were the Willie Mullins-trained Hampshire Express, who suffered a fractured stifle, Separate Ways, trained by David Marnane, who broke a shoulder, and the Michael Moran-trained Laffan Island, who severed a tendon.

Farmer denies growth promoter use

RTE News, 05/07/2002

A Waterford farmer has denied using banned growth promoters on his pigs.

  The Department of Agriculture and the Food Safety Authority are investigating the alleged breach of a restriction order placed on the farm.  The Department says the breach has led to some of the restricted pig meat finding its way into shops with some of it already eaten by consumers.

  The farmer, Tom Galvin, has denied using Carbadox since it was banned by the Eurpean Commission in 1999 over concerns about its potential effects on humans. Carbadox helps prevent pigs getting scour.

  Mr Galvin was informed on 22 April by the Department that one of his pigs had tested positive in a factory last November for the banned substance.  Mr Galvin said that although he had received no condemnation certificate for the pig in question, the movement of pigs on or off his farm has been in force since April.

In recent days, Department officials have been investigating the alleged illegal movement of about 1,500 pigs off the farm. Over a third have been seized and destroyed so far.

  Mr Galvin claims, however, that the Department has not tested his pigs.

  The Department says that although the consumption of pig meat from these animals is unlikely to be a significant health risk, it does not wish to understate the safety concerns surrounding Carbodox.

Horror of Pig Massacre

Ireland on Sunday, 19/06/2005

It almost defies belief – 4,300 pigs killed in a bloody six-day spree that involved the use of a sledgehammer and a bizarre attempt at suffocation. What’s even more shocking is that this grotesque scene was presided over by Department of Agriculture officials…  see more

Outrage over barbaric pig slaying by gun

Sunday Independent, 19/06/2005

A disturbing video showing the “inhumane” slaughter of farm animals under the supervision of the Department of Agriculture has been obtained by the Sunday Independent.  see more

Mutilated greyhound heralds tighter controls.

Sunday Times, 17/06/2007

Regulations dealing with the registration and sale of greyhounds have been introduced after the discovery of a mutilated animal in Waterford. Officers fro the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) rescued the greyhound, which they named Aoife, after a day-long chase around Tramore in April last year. The dog's ears had been cut off to prevent its owners being tracked using its unique ear tattoo. The owner, traced by the DNA sample, said he sold Aoife to another trainer. This second man has told the greyhound board and the gardai that he sold the dog to an unidentifiable traveller he met "on the road".

Greyhound abandoned with ears cut off.

Irish Examiner, 14/04/2006

DNA samples have been taken from a greyhound which had its ears cut off in a determined bid by animal welfare authorities in Waterford to track down those responsible for the savage act. Yesterday, Andrew Quinn, Waterford SPCA, had enlisted the help of Bord na gCon and the Irish Coursing Club in bringing to justice those who mutilated Aoife, the young female pedigree dog. With her ears cut off, the dog was abandoned. She was found wandering the streets of Tramore, Co Waterford hungry, thirsty and terrified.

Horror of dog found slashed.

News of the World, 23/4/2006

Vets hope DNA testing will help track down the owner of a mutilated Greyhound.Aoife whose ears had been cruelly hacked off was found dumped in Tramore, Co. Waterford.The ISPCAs Andrew Quinn said the dog is recovering from her ordeal.

Mutilate greyhounds dumped in river.

Irish Independent, 07/09/2005

Dogs were dumped in a river in Co. Waterford with their throats cut and ears sliced off.

  Greyhound Rescue West of England Press Release – May 2005 : More Greyhounds Rescued with their Ears Amputated! Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE), have recently taken into their care, two greyhounds who have had their ears amputated. Greyhounds who are bred for racing are tattooed in their ears, and are registered in their owners details. Cutting off a dog’s ears was obviously meant to avoid the dog being traced back to the unscrupulous owner who had dumped Heather and left her to die. Greyhounds are bred in their thousands for racing, and many are abandoned every year when they are unwanted by their owners, if they are not fast enough for the track. GRWE rescues and finds homes for as many dogs as it can help, and places them into loving family homes. In 2004 the charity, which is run by volunteers, and receives no money from the racing industry, found homes for 500 dogs. Last week GRWE were contacted by another small rescue in Ireland, who had had a greyhound dumped on their door step, again with her ears amputated. Georgie the greyhound, was in a terrible state, her ears had been hacked off, and she was obviously in considerable pain.

Slaughtered greyhounds' ears hacked off to avoid identification.

Irish Mirror, 05/09/2005

Three greyhounds were found with their throats cut and ears hacked off. The mutilated bodies of the dogs were found floating in a river near Dungarvan, Co Waterford. Their horrific injuries had been inflicted in a bid to remove their identification tattoo and prevent identification. This sickening incident is the latest example of cruelty being investigated by Gardai. In April a greyhound was rescued after she had her ears sliced off and was left bleeding heavily in the north Kerry village of Ballydaff.