Unsocial Behaviour

Driven barking mad by 7 dogs

The Star, 7/6/2000

Dog breeder, Rita Beattie, a director of the Irish Kennel Club has been warned that she may have to reduce the number of dogs she keeps if their barking continues to cause a nuisance. She was taken to court by her neighbour who claimed there was constant noise by the barking dogs. Ms. Beattie keeps four Bichon Frise toy poodles, a boxer, a Yorkshire terrier and a Papillon in her home at Castlewood Park, Rathmines, Dublin. Ms Beattie is a former chairperson of the IKCs education committee, which teaches members how to minimise inconvenience to neighbours. Judge James McDonnell granted an order forcing her to abate the barking nuisance or he would enforce a limit on the number of dogs she can keep.

Teen convicted over sulky race avoids jail

Irish Examiner (http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/teen-convicted-over-sulky-race-avoids-jail-228227.html), 13/04/2013

The youngest of the men convicted of involvement in a sulky race on the main Cork to Limerick road, which became a YouTube sensation, avoided jail yesterday for his part in the dangerous escapade.

  Judge Olann Kelleher recalled at Cork District Court that a number of the participants in the race involving horse-drawn sulky cars on the dual carriageway had been jailed. However, the judge said that he was taking into consideration the fact that James Stokes was only 17 at the time of the event. Judge Kelleher fined Stokes €250 on a charge of dangerous driving. Stokes, now aged 18, from St Anthony’s Park halting site in Knocknaheeny, Cork, was also put on a probation bond for nine months on condition that he would comply with the conditions imposed on him by the probation service and not come to the attention of gardaí.

  The offence was committed on May 5, 2012, on the main Cork-Mallow road, the N20, near Ballygibbon, Blarney, Co Cork. The incident was recorded on film by one of several dozen onlookers who were following the race in a convoy of cars and vans. Clips of the incident, posted on YouTube, have been viewed more than 500,000 times.

Five men jailed for illegal horse racing on public road - VIDEO

IrishCentral (http://www.irishcentral.com/news/five-men-jailed-for-illegal-horse-racing-on-public-road-190583221-237564541.html) , 10/02/2013

A judge in Cork has sent five men to jail for five months for dangerous driving after a sulky race on the Cork to Mallow road last May.  see more

Garda was sent ‘spinning’ by horse

Northside People, 28/09/2005

A teenager who collided with a garda inspector while recklessly riding a horse was last week saddled with 190 hours community service.

  The Children’s Court heard that the then 15-year-old boy sent garda inspector John O’Driscoll “spinning” when he hit him with his horse at New Church Street in Smithfield on December 5 last year.

  The north inner city boy, now aged 16, had pleaded not guilty to three offences arising out of the incident but was convicted at a hearing in July.

  He had been charged under Section 45 of the Control of Horses Act for being a person in control of a horse who wilfully or recklessly permitted the horse to pose a danger to a person or property.

  He was also prosecuted for assaulting garda inspector O’Driscoll.

  Judge Angela Ni Chonduin had heard that the incident happened on the day of the Smithfield horse Fair. The teenager had been riding his horse at speed on the wrong side of Bow Street.

  After being cautioned by one garda, the teenager then kicked the horse and used his reins at which the animal took off at a canter in the direction of the garda inspector who had been coming along New Church Street.

  Garda inspector O’Driscoll was hit on the shoulder by the horse and one witness said he was “spun around” by the collision.

  The teenager was stopped and became verbally abusive and aggressive to the gardai. When taken to the Bridewell Station to be charged, he continued to be disruptive and abusive.

  He had three previous convictions for public order offences for which he had been bound to the peace earlier this year.

  The boy left school after completing the Junior Certificate and was currently taking part in a training course.

  Judge Ni Chonduin noted that he was suitable for a community service sanction and was willing to do it as well.

  She refused to make an order barring the boy from having contact with horses saying that he was clearly interested in them and he may have to work with them as part of the community service work.

  However, she warned that if he acted in a similar manner again or was found to be abusing horses, he would be dealt with more harshly.