Cattle left to rot on horror farm

Part-time farmer to be quizzed after 450 starving cows were found stuffed into shed

Sunday World, 15/11/1998

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Cattle cruelty king’s luxury mansion

Sunday World, 21/11/1999

Roly-poly part-time farmer Thomas Greene – exposed for cruelty to animals on his own farm – is building a fairy-tale mansion on top of a hill.  see more

500 cattle to be put down at horror farm

Sunday World, 14/02/1999

The cruel part-time farmer who left hundreds of stock to rot and die is set to have his herd of 500 cattle put down.

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Birdbrained: Video shows man tying and throwing live pigeons in air to train hunting dogs

Irish Mirror, 11/06/2013

This sickening video shows a trainer tying up live pigeons to teach hunting dogs.

  In a disturbing video posted on a dog training website, instructor Paul David Toal can be seen tying the birds’ legs with elastic and then tossing them into the air.

  The animals struggle to fly before dropping to the ground and are fetched by gun dogs.

  After being brought back to Mr Toal, the birds are tied up again and the act is repeated.

  Mr Toal, the owner of the Co Leitrim-based Altiquin Labradors, denied the birds suffered harm.

  He said: “Over three years ago, we were involved in using live birds to train our dogs.

  “The birds were neither injured nor killed. We ceased this practice over three years ago on realising this method of training had become outmoded and surpassed.”

But Mr Toal’s altiquinlabradors.com website shows footage uploaded as recently as two years ago, in July 2011, in which a live bird can be seen being hurled up and retrieved by a dog.

  Mr Toal added: “We did not know at that time this practice transgressed the law. I am now training my dogs in full compliance with the law.

  “We would like to apologise for any distress we may have caused.”

Animal Rights Action Network’s John Carmody believes cases such as this are common due to the disregard shown to anti-cruelty legislation.

  He said: “We’re disgusted this is going on. It goes to show people don’t care for our animal welfare laws.

  “It’s worrying because from what we have been told, this practice is rampant throughout the country.

  “We get countless emails and complaints about this kind of cruelty but until our laws are taken seriously, people aren’t going to stop.

  “I hope the media highlight this issue and people see animal cruelty as a very serious offence.

  “Maybe those who are responsible for these sickening acts might think twice because they’ll know groups like ourselves will be on their case and looking to have them prosecuted.”

The organisation has welcomed the introduction of last month’s Animal Welfare Bill.

  Mr Carmody added: “This law gives heavier jail sentences and tougher fines for acts like this.”

RTE, 13/02/2,013

Over 140 dogs have been recovered from a property in a rural part of Co Leitrim.  The ISPCA said the dogs were being kept in deplorable conditions and all have since been removed.

The Leitrim County Veterinary Officer, James Madden, described the situation as an extreme case of "dog hoarding".

140 dogs saved in biggest canine rescue in State history.
Journal.ie, 12/02/2013
More than 140 dogs were rescued from a property in rural Leitrim, where they were living “in deplorable conditions”.
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