Foolish riflemen shot 18 goats dead

Irish Independent, 27/3/2003
Three members of a gun club who admitted shooting dead nearly 20 goats have been ordered to pay €6,000.  see more

Mr T has lucky escape as four kid goats slaughtered in housing estate

Irish Examiner (http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/mr-t-has-lucky-escape-as-four-kid-goats-slaughtered-in-housing-estate-192001.html#ixzz1tFAsNIHb), 27/4/2012

Four kid goats were brutally slaughtered in the back garden of a built-up housing estate and only swift action by the authorities prevented a fifth from suffering a similar ordeal.  see more

Man who slaughtered goats in house convicted of cruelty
Irish Daily Mail, 05/07/2013

A man who admitted slaughtering goats in a house has been convicted of animal cruelty.  Rashi Kibaga, 23, used a knife to slaughter the four goats in accordance
with religious teaching, Tralee Circuit Criminal Court heard.  Gardaí received a complaint in April last year about "goat screaming and in pain" at a house in the town.  Officers and animal welfare inspectors went to the house and found four goat carcasses, two of which has been skinned, the court heard.
  Brian McInerney, defending said Kibaga was an asylum seeker from Somalia and a Muslim.  "For a devout Muslim to consume meat not killed in halal fashion would be a grave sin", Mr McInerney said.  What Kibaga did was customary in Somalia but he "accepts things are done differently in this country and he apologies," said the barrister.  Kibaga, of Killarney, Co. Kerry, who admitted animal cruelty, wronging using the house as an abattoir and failing to ensure the goats did not suffer. 
  Judge Carroll Moran suspended a one-year jail term.  The main charge is that he cruelly tortured or terrified and killed four goats, contrary to Section 1 Protection of Animals Act 1911.

Foolish riflemen shot 18 goats dead

Irish Independent, 27/03/2003

Three members of a gun club who admitted shooting dead nearly 20 goats have been ordered to pay €c6,000. John Collins, Diarmid O’Neill and Aidan Shannon with addressed in Drimoleague Co. Cork pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal damages over the shooting of 18 goats last April. The men initially entered a not guilty plea at Skibbereen District Court earlier this month, claiming they had been asked to kill the goats by a local farmer.

  They told the court Padraig Collins asked them to kill the animals because they were causing damage to land and crops near Drimoleague. Dunmanway District Court heard yesterday the defendants shot the goats with a rifle in the forest on April 6 last year. Ten days later a local man found a wounded goat in the forest and contac6ted the gardai. The animal had to be put down. A garda was launched and the men were arrested.

  Judge James O’Connor was shown pictures of the dead animals, which belonged to Kenneth Coombes and Jerry Collins.

  Judge O’Connor described the defendants as “foolish”. The men’s solicitor, Gerard Corcoran, said his clients believed they were eliminating a pest problem.   Judge O’Connor ordered the men to pay a total of €6,000 to the ISPCA, the Court Poor Box, the owners and the Garda Benevolent Fund. Sentencing was

Adjourned until March 24, 2004.

Trio changes pleas, admit shooting dead 20 goats

Irish Independent, 12/03/2003

Three men changed their pleas yesterday and admitted shooting dead more than 20 goats.

  John Collins, Aidan Shannon and Diarmuid O’Neill, with addresses in Drimoleague, Co Cork, pleaded guilty to criminal damage there on April 6, 2000.

  The men, members of a gun club, initially pleaded not guilty at Skibbereen district court, saying they were asked to kill the goats by a local farmer, but changed pleas yesterday evening.

  One goat survived the shooting but had to be put down by a vet and a Garda investigation was launched.

  The men agreed to pay €16,000 compensation to owners Gerard Collins and Kenneth Coombes.  Judge James O’Connor adjourned the case until March 26 at Dunmanway district court and remanded all three of the defendants on continuing bail.

Three admit goat herd massacre

The Star, 12/03/2003

Three gun club members pleaded guilty yesterday to charge over the massacre of a herd of goats.

  Skibbereen District Court in west Cork was told 28 goats were shot by a group of men on April 6, 2001.  Three of the group, Aidan Shannon (25) of Donovan Road, Drimoleague, John Collins from nearby West End and another man – all members of Island Valley Gun Club – pleaded guilty yesterday to causing criminal damage.  Judge O’Connor heard that the goats were shot in a wooded area at Lietra with .22 magnum rifles after the animals were blamed for crop damage estimated at €800.

  Shannon told Gardai the goats had been behind the ear.  They had been piled in a heap after the hour-long massacre.

  “As far as we were concerned they were all dead,” he said.

The court was told most of the goats were shot once, but some had to be shot twice.  Local resident and artist Ann Dex called Gardai after an injured goat was seen roaming woodland 11 days after the culling.


She told the court she saw a goat “in a distressed state with a hole in its head and in its jaw.”  A vet later put down the wounded animal.

  Investigators later found three more dead goats in the area – including a young animal that had died of starvation and two others which were badly decomposed.


After their plea, Gardai gave an assurance that they would not revoke the accused men’s gun licenses.  Judge James O’Connor said the men were “very foolish to have destroyed the animals.”

  “Some of this party were members of a gun club and were asked to do a job they believed was justified,” he said.

  “They didn’t give a damn – it was shoot, shoot, shoot, end of story.”

He adjourned the case so the men could pay €1,600 compensation to farmers Kenneth Coombes and Jerry Collins.

Animal gang with guns

We conclude that they acted either from stupidity, laziness, or a perversion they enjoyed as ‘sport’

Irish Examiner, 24/03/2001

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