Cattle ring is smashed.

Sunday World, 5/10/2003

A huge cattle smuggling racket along the border has been smashed. The DOA has discovered that false ear tags are being used for animals being smuggled and offered for sale and that the racketterrs are also using identity cards which don’t belong to animals being sold into the Irish meat chain. A number of farmers and cattle dealers in the border counties of Monaghan, Cavan, Louth and Donegal are being quizzed in connection with the racket.

104 dogs rescued from puppy farm.

Irish Independent, 29/3/2004

ISPCA Officials removed 104 dogs from a puppy farm that were being kept in “appalling” conditions, many in small, steel boxes with little ventilation. Most of the puppies were Cavalier King Charles and terriers that were being held in ‘absolutely unbelievable’ conditions in the Ballieboro area of Co Cavan, ISPCA inspector Brendan Hughes said last night. The kennels were made of steel cladding-type materials with virtually no ventilation, except for two or three holes the size of one euro coins, he said. “The cleaning regime was non-existent”. There was also evidence of cross and in breeding among the dogs. Officials visited the breeder over three days and removed 104 out of 112 dogs on the premises. One terrier was taken from the back of an old van on the property. It had been wired in and kept in excrement that was six or seven weeks old, Mr Hughes said.

Badger killers in away-day butchery

News of the World, 03/03/1991

Sadistic badger baiters are taking away-day hunting trips to Ireland in a bid to beat the crackdown on their cruel sport.

  The evil butchers are being forced to seek new killing fields as a law championed by the News of the World looks set to ban their barbarous activities from Britain.

  Two of our investigators joined four Essex baiters on a three-day trip to Bally Connell in County Cavan, Eire.

  Local farmer Phil King, who organised the trip for £450, bragged:”Half my income comes from baiters across the water. I’m booked until April.”

  On the first dig two badgers were caught.

  The laughing louts held up the terrified animals by their back legs so their snarling dogs could rip at their faces.

  But incredibly both blood-spattered badgers managed to escape when they were flung on the ground to be finished off.

  The men, all in their twenties, boasted how their terriers had earlier dragged the mutilated bodies of two badger cubs from a sett.

  “Their insides were ripped out,” one laughed/

The four thugs-Daniel Eldridge and his pals Graham, Jason and Wayne – talked angrily of our anti-baiting campaign and the Badger Bill now going through parliament.

  One said: “it’s that bloody newspaper’s fault. Their investigations are a pain.”

Farmer charged over cruel treatment of cattle

Evening Herald, 20/02/2004

A county Cavan farmer has appeared in court on charges of allegedly causing cruelty to a number of cattle at Redhills on May 13 last year.

  John Emmo, Earlsvale Road, Cavan, faced a charge of cruelly ill-treating 13 cattle and allowing dead livestock to remain unburied.

The case was adjourned to April 20 after the accused’s brother Shay Emmo gave an undertaking that he would assist in looking after animals on the farm in the future.

Illegal bookie fined €8,260

Irish Independent, 19/01/2005

A farmer and retired publican who ran an illegal bookies from a back room in his house was yesterday fined over €8,000.  In a deal with the Revenue, Paddy Keenan, of Cootehill, Co Cavan, admitted 10 charges and was fined a total €8,260.