Sick punters lay bets on cat fighting.

Sunday People, 11/06/2000.
Sick gamblers behind outrageous animal fights in Ireland have sunk to a new low - using CATS. At least one group of illegal dog fight organisers recently provided twisted punters with a bloody sideshow: cats being ripped to shreds by vicious dogs. A source who witnessed the sickening blood-bath in Co. Antrim said as many as a DOZEN terrified cats died horrible deaths after being released into pens with enraged Lurchers. The cats were thrown into large pens which had wire mesh over the top, so punters could watch, but the cats couldn't escape," said one punter. "It was wholesale slaughter. I would bet on dog fighting, but this was sick. Those cats didn't have a chance." According to the source, any cats not killed outright had their necks broken by 'pit attendants'.

ISPCA probes own staff over cruelty

News of the World, 26/11/2000

The ISPCA launched a major investigation into claims that pets have been starved, neglected and cruelly put to death at one of its own animal sanctuaries.  see more

Farmer arrested for animal smuggling

Wicklow People, 24/7/2003

The Dunlavin livestock dealer who hit the headlines when he smuggled sheep from a foot and mouth infected herd into the country has been arrested again, on suspicion of animal smuggling. Fifty three year old John Walsh will appear in a Scottish court this Monday on suspicion of importing animals without a permit and animal cruelty. Forty three puppies and three kittens that were in Walsh’s possession at the time have been taken into care at animal welfare centres in Scotland. Walsh is originally from Calverstown but his family moved to Ballyhurtin Dunlavin many years ago. Walsh was jailed in January 2002 by a Dublin court when he was convicted of smuggling almost 300 sheep, some of which were infected with foot and mouth, into Ireland. His Offaly farm was seized this year by CAB in order to pay a tax bill believed to be in the region of €900,000. 

Cat’s feet tied together with butcher’s twine

Irish Examiner, 31/3/2004
 A pet cat is fighting for his life after thugs used butcher’s twine to tie its back legs together. The fully grown cat with twine embedded in its skin was discovered by a family in a disused shed in the garden of their home late on Monday. The cat’s legs had swelled severely. The vet who treated the cat said the swelling will have to reside before he knows if it will survive. It took at least two people, one to hold the cat down and the other to put on the string, to inflict such hardship on the animal, Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) inspector Conor Dowling said. “This cat was in considerable distress. His feet are swollen to over twice their normal size and the inside of its legs were rubbing together so much that the smell from them is terrible. The vet who examined him thinks this injury is a few days old,” he said. The maximum penalty which can be imposed against anyone convicted of such cruelty is a fine of less than €2,000, and/or six months imprisonment.


Cat was convulsed in agony on footpath

The Nationalist, 1/2/2006
The horrific scene of a cat convulsed in agony on a Graiguecullen footpath suffering a malicious death horrified passers-by this week.  see more

Gin trap smashes cat’s leg in pieces

The Nationalist, 16/12/2002

A cat lying in enormous distress, her front leg severed by a vicious and illegal gin trap was discovered in Killeshin, close to the local national school on Monday morning having dragged itself to a nearby house, its front leg still caught in the jaws of the illegal trap. The young female cat is currently recovering from her ordeal in Carlow Veterinary Clinic and is expected to recover despite the loss of her leg.

Cruelty nearly cost this kitten’s life

The Nationalist, 4/6/1999

You would imagine that a clothes recycling bin is only for, well ... clothes! So imagine the surprise of passers-by at the clothes recycling bin in Bagenalstown when they heard the faint cries of this little creature! Cruel individuals threw this young kitten into the recycling bin, where she remained for some time, until the shock discovery was made. The Carlow branch of the ISPCA was immediately called to the rescue, freeing the little feline from the masses of clothing around it. Inspector Jean Bird said that while there is no way of knowing how long the kitten was in the recycling bin, she would estimate that it could have been a number of days.“The kitten sustained a broken jaw but she is recovering well at the Veterinary Centre, Tullow Street, Carlow,” Jean explained.

Pets mutilated on railway tracks

The Star, 13/6/2003
A town has been left shocked after a series of savage attacks on cats and dogs. Two cats were found battered to death in gardens close to railway lines running through Carrick-on-Suir Co.Waterford. Three mutilated dogs were discovered on the tracks and owners of a missing dog and cat in the area fear the worst.

Gardai questioned a number of youths in relation to the attacks on the cats. "The two cats found in gardens were badly beaten. They were kicked to death and stood on," said a garda spokesman. A woman who springer spaniel, Prince, was found mutilated on the railway tracks, said he had been a family pet for eight years. "He just wandered off one day and we never saw him again," she said. "We heard a vet found Prince and another dogs on the railway tracks." We have heard reports of dogs being thrown off the bridges or tied to the tracks."

Local vet Gerry Clancy saw two dogs on the railway tracks. "The springer spaniel was chopped to bits". It was alive but in flitters and we had to put it down on the sport." he said. SPCA spokeswoman Angela Anthony has warned pet owners in the area to be extra vigilant.

Sick punters lay bets on cat fighting

Sunday People, 11/06/2000

Sick gamblers behind outrageous animal fights in Ireland have sunk to a new low – using CATS. At least one group of illegal dog fight organisers recently provided twisted punters with a bloody sideshow: cats being ripped to shred by vicious dogs. A source who witnessed the sickening blood-bath in Co. Antrim said as many as a DOZEN terrified cats died horrible deaths after being released into pens with enraged Lurchers – a breed of dog more traditionally associated with racing and rabbit hunting. The events are taking place on both sides of the border.

  “The cats were thrown into large pens which had wire mesh over the top, so punters could watch, but the cats couldn’t escape,“ said one punter. “It was wholesale slaughter. I would bet on dog fighting, but this was sick. Those cats didn’t have a chance.”

  According to the source, any cats not killed outright had their necks broken by ‘pit attendants.’ He said fellow punters told him afterwards that some of the cats had tried to fight back.

Man who drowned kitten ‘a nasty piece of goods’

Irish Independent, 15/03/2006

A 26-year-old man repeatedly and violently threw a three-month-old kitten on the ground before drowning it in a lake, a court heard yesterday.

  Brendan Sweeney, Crickamore, Dungloe, County Donegal had shown himself to be “a nasty piece of goods” according to Judge John O’Donnell who fined him €400 at Dubgloe District Court for cruelty to an animal.

  The defendant blamed his actions on the trauma he was suffering after just breaking up with his girlfriend.

  Garda Gerald Dalton received a complaint on June 20, 2005, from the owner of the kitten in Loughanure village who had been told by students in the house next door that her kitten had been killed the previous day.

  He called to the house and spoke to a sister of the defendant who confirmed that her brother had killed the kitten. She told the garda he had “lost his head” and grabbed the kitten, throwing it on the ground a number of times with force, and then threw it into Loughanure Lake.

  Some weeks later, garda Dalton questioned Brendan Sweeney about the incident. He said he had broken up with the mother of his child, who he was about to marry.

  He had gone to his sister’s house where students staying there were playing with a kitten.

  Sweeney said he picked up the kitten and carried it to the lake, it fell out of his hands a couple of times before he threw it into the lake.

  Speaking afterwards, ISPCA area inspector, Kevin McGinley said he was happy with the conviction but disappointed with the leniency of the fine.

Kicked kitten against wall

Killkenny People, 18/07/1997

A psychiatrist’s letter about a man who kicked a kitten against a wall was described as “extraordinary” at Kilkenny Court.  And Judge William Harnett also highlighted the fact that the law did not allow him to impose a jail sentence on the defendant.

  “This is a very worrying offence but it only carries a fine,” the Judge pointed out.

The case against Billy Hanlon of 62 Bishop Birch Place, Kilkenny, had been repeatedly adjourned for psychiatric and social enquiry reports.

  Defending solicitor Mr Michael Lanigan noted that, according to the latest letter from a consultant psychiatrist at St Canice’s Hospital, Hanlon had maintained control of himself for some time. But the psychiatrist felt that the family’s case should be taken up with the Health Board.

  Judge Harmett described the psychiatrist’s letter as “extraordinary”, noting that it had a South Eastern Health Board letterhead yet referred to the need for the support from statutory services.

  “The liaison between the various sections of the Health Board leaves a lot to be desired,” the solicitor agreed.

Hanlon was fined £300 for unlawfully and cruelly beating a kitten at Bishop Birch Place on August 23, 1996.

  For trespassing near a building on the Dublin road on June 1, 1996, he was given three months in prison, suspended on condition that he enter a probation bond for two years in the sum of £400.

  He was also fined £50 for being so drunk that he might endanger himself or others at the Hebron road on August 21, 1996.

llegal fireworks used to kill pets

Animals strapped to deadly bangers

The Star, 06/10/2004

Illegal fireworks and bangers are being strapped to puppies and kittens before being ignited and set off in a number of Limerick c6ity estates it was claimed today.  Young animals have been killed or seriously maimed by “gangs of youths who take perverse pleasure” from tying the fireworks to pups and kittens, a gardai source told the Star.

  The source added that it’s a growing problem across a number of Limerick city suburbs.

  “It has happened in the past in a number of suburbs including Ballinacurra Weston, Saint Mary’s Park, Moyross and Southill.

  “Gangs of youths and teenagers are the culprits. It is a terrible thing to hear about,” said the source.


One Weston resident claimed residents and pet owners on the city’s southside are “terrified” about fireworks in the weeks before Halloween.

  “They see this as a perverse form of pleasure. They tie the fireworks or bangers to the bac6ks of puppies and kittens before setting them off.

  “They often stick the fireworks into the ground before lighting them to see will the animals shoot into the air. They kill or seriously injure the pups or kittens involved,” reported the Weston woman.

A Garda spokesman for Henry Street Crime Prevention Office reports that fireworks are in circulation around the city.

  “Fireworks are still illegal in this country and have been sourced illegally by criminal gangs and are very dangerous as there is no proper standard or quality control.

  “I want to appeal to parents in particular to be alert for children having fireworks in their possession. Elderly neighbours are often a target for young thugs who for some reason find it amusing to terrorise an older person by throwing fireworks in their door or letterbox,” said the spokesman.

Niamh Allen of Limerick Animal Welfare said: “There are animals being killed or maimed mysteriously at this time of year – it is very sad.

“The fireworks and bangers drive dogs and pets crazy. It is very important to keep pets indoors in the evenings.”

Sick attack on Lusk Cat

North Country Leader, 07/12/2004

A Lusk woman has appealed to the public for information following a savage attack that left her cat without claws. The assault took place last Wednesday night at approximately 9pm after the cat, named Tabby, wandered out to the back garden. The alarm was raised at 11pm, when the woman discovered that Tabby had disappeared.

  “We found her at 7am the next morning at the back door,” says the woman, who does not wish to be named. We knew she wasn’t well, she was limping, especially on her back paws. It was only when I picked her up I saw what had been done to her.”

In addition to pulling off Tabby’s claws, the attacker burned her paws and cut off a small section of her front paw. She may also have been kicked in the face. The family rushed Tabby to the vet, where she was referred to the mobile hospital in Donnycarney for a course of antibiotics and painkillers. She had recently given birth to 11 kittens. “The vet says she should make a good recovery, but her claws will never grow back,” she says.

  “I don’t think she’ll ever be the same cat again. She’s absolutely traumatised.”

Her 10-year-old son Mickie, who suffers from spinabifia and hydrocepharus, received Tabby as a present for his ninth birthday.

  “The guards have told us they will prosecute if they find the person who did this,” she said.

  “I won’t give up until I find out. I think she was probably digging up somebody’s garden and they were punishing her. I just want them to know how much they’ve hurt the cat and how much they’ve hurt Mickie.”

She says Mickie is “devastated” by the attack.

  “He’s always wanted a pet, so we got him Tabby for his ninth birthday. She was his whole world. She’s a housecat but used to like playing in the garden, but now she’s totally confined to the house. I just can’t believe they did it to a special needs child. I can’t believe there’s such evil out there.”

If you have any information regarding the attack, please contact Lusk Garda.

Thugs attempt to set box of four kittens on fire in north Dublin

Irish Independent, 28/10/2015
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