Cases in 1999

Farmer is fined 50p for killing tots’ pet dog.

Irish Mirror, 29/4/1999

John O’Connell (63) of Ballymore, Cobh killed Belinda, the children’s dog and Harvey a neighbour’s dog as the sisters aged 5 & 6 screamed in horror.   see more

Farmer guilty of cruelly beating and torturing dog in Dingle.

The Kerryman, 2/7/1999

A Dingle farmer who killed two Labrador dogs because he alleged that they had been savaging his sheep was fined ₤100 in Dingle District Court on Friday.  see more

Cruelty nearly cost this kitten’s life

The Nationalist, 4/6/1999

You would imagine that a clothes recycling bin is only for, well ... clothes! So imagine the surprise of passers-by at the clothes recycling bin in Bagenalstown when they heard the faint cries of this little creature! Cruel individuals threw this young kitten into the recycling bin, where she remained for some time, until the shock discovery was made. The Carlow branch of the ISPCA was immediately called to the rescue, freeing the little feline from the masses of clothing around it. Inspector Jean Bird said that while there is no way of knowing how long the kitten was in the recycling bin, she would estimate that it could have been a number of days.“The kitten sustained a broken jaw but she is recovering well at the Veterinary Centre, Tullow Street, Carlow,” Jean explained.

Appalling cruelty

The Nationalist, 31/7/1999

A sickening act of cruelty which left a defenceless horse drowned in the River Barrow was recounted to The Nationalist this week by the two men who discovered the animal.  see more

Shot 4O birds in cruel attack

The Nationalist, 21/8/1999

A horrible act of animal cruelty was carried out in a farmyard in Bagenalstown last week. Approximately 40 pigeons were slaughtered. The perpetrators walked into a person’s farmyard and shot the birds for no apparent reason. These pigeons had nested and bred in the farmyard for many years and were almost tame. After the slaughter took place the carcasses of the birds were left on the ground. This is not only a case of cruelty to animals, because the perpetrators of this act trespassed on private land and could have endangered human life. It was evident that a shotgun was involved. The gardai are following a definite line of inquiry and are confident that the people who carried out this act will be brought to justice.

Examiner, 16/10/1999

Brendan Murphy (46) Derryasna, O’Briensbridge Co.Clare was convicted at Ennis District Court on the 15/10/99 for allowing to animals in his care to die of starvation. He was jailed for four months. Judge Albert O’Dea said that Mr. Murphy had let the animals die in the most cruel, miserable fashion.

Drunken Farmer cruelly beat, tortured wifes dog.

Irish Independent, 10/12/1999

A drunken farmer that beat his wife’s dog so badly that it had to be put down was told to continue attending an alcohol treatment course when he appeared before a court in Galway yesterday. Michael Creaven, 40, Tumnahulla, Corrandulla, Co. Galway pleaded guilty to cruelly beating and torturing the black and white collie outside his estranged wife’s house. His wife got a safety order against him in 1996.He was accused of breaching the order while beating the dog, he put his wife Mary in fear of such violence being used against her.

Cruelty Charge.

Evening Herald, 4/12/1999

A woman who admitted a charge of cruelty to animals has been fined 150 pounds after Drogheda District Court heard that 28 deer had been found starved to death on her farm in Co Meath in Nov 1990. The court heard the defendant Vida Tuite , Ardcath, Co Meath had been unable to afford fodder for the animals.

Cruelty to animals

Sun, 11/02/1999

An elderly west of Ireland woman was jailed in three months at Athenry District Court yesterday for cruelty to animals after the court heard that over 30 of her cattle have died from malnutrition since December.

Mary Ciles, Kiltrogue, Claregalway, Co. Galway was also banned from holding livestock for five years. The woman had also been convicted for cruelty to animals in 1993.

Women let cows die

Sun, 11/02/1999

A cruel woman farmer was jailed for three months yesterday after a court heard how she allowed 34 of her 56-strong herd of cows to die in just eight weeks.

Mary Giles, who is in her 60s, was also banned from keeping cattle for five years.

It was her second conviction for cruelty, the district court at Athenry, Co. Galway, was told.

She had been banned from keeping livestock following her previous appearance in 1993.

Giles, from Claregalway, Co Galway, denied neglecting the animals and claimed she provided them with 210 bales of hay every week.

Farmer pays the price - £21,000 fine for using angel dust

Irish Independent, 02/02/1999

A judge warned yesterday of the “most serious nature” of using illegal animal growth promoting substances when he fined a Co Tipperary beef farmer a total of £21,000.  see more

Cattle cruelty king’s luxury mansion

Sunday World, 21/11/1999

Roly-poly part-time farmer Thomas Greene – exposed for cruelty to animals on his own farm – is building a fairy-tale mansion on top of a hill.  see more

500 cattle to be put down at horror farm

Sunday World, 14/02/1999

The cruel part-time farmer who left hundreds of stock to rot and die is set to have his herd of 500 cattle put down.

see more

Cruelty case farmer is getting treatment

Sunday World, 14/11/1999

A farmer who starved more than 200 animals to death earlier this year is receiving treatment from a psychologist, a court heard this week.

A district court in Kilcock, Co Kildare was told this week that Donal Fitzpatrick, Baltracey, Donadea, Naas, who is facing 59 charges of cruelty to animals, was not in a position to proceed with the case.

Solicitor Eddie Timmons told Judge John Brophy that he had just been assigned to the case and needed time to be properly briefed.

He added that his client was now receiving treatment from a [some mistake in the original article]. The court also heard that Fitzpatrick’s previous solicitor Donal Houlihan had not been contacted by Fitzpatrick since the last court sitting in October, and now wished to ‘come off record.’

Remarking that 199 sheep had died on Fitzpatrick’s lands, Judge Brophy said that it would be necessary for the psychologist, Dr Curry to attend in court to give sworn evidence in relation to the defendant.

Sgt Tom Neville, prosecuting, told the judge that as the garda involved in the case, Sgt Nolan from Carbury, would not be available for the December sitting, he had no objection to a longer adjournment.

Judge Brophy adjourned the hearing to January 25 next.

Facing up to cruelty to animals.

No more ‘blind eye’ justice as two gets jail

Evening Herald, 13/04/1999

These are the pictures of wanton cruelty which will put two men behind bars for 30 days. A German shepherd lying in its own excrement, dehydrated, unable to stand and a pit bull terrier, a quarter its normal weight, shocked and dying.  see more

Cage this beast for 20 years

News of the World, 25/07/1999

Animal killer Allen Carmichael should have been sent to prison for 20 years instead of two this week for the horrific slaughter of a defenceless donkey.

  Lout Carmichael was full of booze and drugs when viciously attacked Salt, a 32-year-old female donkey, near his home in Streamstown, Malahide, Dublin.

  Salt had been in very good health and condition and was sharing a field with her companion Pepper. They were both tourist attractions and were much loved by children in the Malahide area.

  Carmichael, 22, went after Salt and beat her about the head and body with an iron bar. When Salt lay dying on the ground and jerking with shock Carmichael consummated his evil and drove the iron bar through her skull.

  When Salt was found she was lying dead with the iron bar protruding from her head.


What an awful sight. What a horrifically evil act. What kind of an “animal” is Allen Carmichael, we must surely ask?

  Judge O’Connor at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court was absolutely right to imprison him. But I cannot understand the leniency of the sentence.

  In my opinion, Carmichael should have been sent to prison for a minimum of 20 years and be made to the whole of it.

  The killing of a human being is far worse than the killing of an animal, of course. Better that 20 Salts should die than someone like poor Sergeant Callanan, who was viciously killed in Tallaght this week.

  But animals are so utterly defenceless. They depend on us for everything – for their food and water and shelter and even for a bit of care, love and affection.

  Donkeys are particularly lovable. They are beasts of burden and over the years, especially here in Ireland, have played their part in keeping families and small farms going.

  I can remember as a child in Offaly going to town with my granny and granddad on the ass and car.

  Salt and Pepper were two special donkeys. They had reached old age. They had given pleasure to people and children all their lives.

  They were still giving pleasure when loutish, boozy, druggy Carmichael decided to play God (or Satan) and deprive Salt of life and Pepper of a companion. If we as a society do not protect our animals they have no hope.

  The Bible tells us that one of man’s primary vocation is the protection of animals. Donkeys have a very special place in God’s creation. They have a cross on their backs, legend tells us, in memory of the time a donkey carried Jesus into Jerusalem.

  I cannot understand how Carmichael can live with himself after what he has done. To me Salt was a creature of beauty and dignity who never hurt anybody or anything.

  Carmichael is the beast. May God forgive him. I’m glad he is not a relative of mine.

Donkey brute is free

Star, 30/07/1999

A man who battered a donkey before shoving an iron bar through her head walked free yesterday.

  Allen Carmichael – who was jailed for the cruel killing – was granted bail pending an appeal against his two year sentence.

  He was released under his own bond of £200.

  Counsel for Carmichael (22) of Castleview, Streamtown, Malahide, Dublin argued that the sentence was excessive.

  Defence barrister Mr Feral Foley BL said it was clear the defendant had very strong character references.

  These supported the proposition that there was some possibility the appeal court would decide there should not be a custodial sentence.


Ms Isobel Kennedy BL, for the DPP, opposed bail due to the fact that it was a serious offence carrying a maximum jail term of 10 years.

  Appeal Court presiding judge, Mr Justice Barron, described the crime as “really horrific”.

  But he said the decision to grant bail did not infer that the court would commute the sentence when the appeal came for hearing.

  Earlier this month, Carmichael pleaded guilty before Dublin Circuit Court to unlawfully and maliciously killing a 32-year-old donkey called Salt who was much love by Malahide children.

  Sentencing Carmichael. Judge Kieran O’Connor described the offence as a “brutal, savage, senseless assault on a dumb animal brought on by a combination of drink and drugs”.

  The brute was with two friends when he attacked the defenceless donkey, beating her to the ground with an iron bar.


Carmichael then shoved it into tragic Salt’s eye.

  His two friends immediately went to the police and when Carmichael’s father was told, he brought his son to the Garda station where a full statement was made.

Jail for men who starved and ill-treated their dogs

Irish Independent, 13/04/1999

Two Dublin men have been sentenced to 30 days imprisonment and banned from keeping dogs as pets for 10 years in two separate cases which a judge yesterday described as appalling cruelty.

  Both cases were taken at Dublin District Court by the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and involved a German shepherd and a pitbull terrier. Each animal was in such an appalling condition it tad to be destroyed by a vet.

  In the first case, Thomas Conwasy of Ashowood Drive, Clondalkin, Dublin 22,failed to appear in court to answer charges relating to cruelly ill-treating and causing unnecessary suffering to a German shepherd.

  A DSPCA inspector said she called to examine the dog following complaints about its condition.

  The dog, which had a serious leg injury, was lying in its own excrement in a garden and was too weak to stand.

  After hearing the animal weight only 20kgs instead of the 33kgs it should have, Judge James McDonnell described the case as “cruel and unnecessary” and said it obviously stemmed from neglect over a substantial period.

  In the second case, the court heard that William Murphy, of Stanaway Road, Dublin 12 had told an inspector that he did not have a pit bull terrier.

  However, on checking the back garden, the animal was found there, chained up. it was emaciated and very dehydrated and was so weak it had to be carried to the DSPCA van.

  A vet who examined the dog described it as one of the worst cases of ill-treatment he had ever come across. Murphy also failed to appear in court.

Costs of £250 were awarded to the charity in each case.

Two owners suspended in greyhound racing probe

Sunday World, 18/04/1999

A major probe into a scam in the country’s multi-million pound greyhound industry resulted in two owners being suspended from involvement in the sport.

  The investigation centred on claims that they had been giving incorrec6t details about the past performances of their animals before entering them for races.  News of the suspensions only emerged yesterday although they took place last year.

  It is understood that one of the banned owners is a native of Galway city.  Both he and the other banned owner became the focus of the inquiry after enjoying successes with their animals at the city’s greyhound track.

  It is known that bookies attending the track were deeply concerned for some time at the results of those races.

  A number complained that it was virtually impossible to make money at the Galway track. Some even declined to attend the weekly meeting.


A spokesman for Bord Na gCon refused to reveal the identity of the two dogs owners yesterday but confirmed they had been suspended.

  “They were suspended last September following an inquiry,” he said. “The disciplinary measure was taken by our control committee.

  “In reality it means that they have been suspended from participating in the greyhound industry.”

The spokesman added that the move followed irregularities in the recording of dogs’ time trials.

It was found that the performances recorded on the identity cards of their competing animals ware in many cases incorrect.

Cattle ‘injected with slurry’

Irish Independent, 04/05/1999

A farmer who allegedly injected his cattle with slurry in an attempt to have them classed as TB reactors, is being investigated by the Department of Agriculture.

  It is understood the investigation was launched by officials after they became suspicious at the number of TB reactors turning up on the man’s farm in the Mid-Cork area earlier this year.

  Dept officials monitoring the farm, allegedly spotted the farmer injecting a cow from a bucket of slurry, in between two visits by a vet carrying out TB tests. A syringe and other items were seized and the animal impounded.

  Gardai were called in to preserve the scene. According to informed sources, injecting a cow with slurry would result in lumps similar to those which show up in an animal after TB tests.

  “This guy was very clever – he had shown up one or two reactors before this and was building up gradually,” said one source.

According to one source, poor cattle prices due to the winter fodder shortage made the prospec6to of £400 to £600 per animal from the Department in compensation payments an extremely attractive temptation.

A Dept spokesman confirmed a case was being prosecuted against a farmer for interfering with TB tests with a view to defrauding the Dept.

Drunken farmer cruelly beat, tortured wife’s dog

Irish Independent, 10/12/1999

A drunken farmer who beat his wife’s pet dog so badly that it had to be put down, was told to continue attending an alcohol treatment course when he appeared before a court in Galway yesterday.

  Michael Creaven, from Tumnahulla, Corrandulla, Co Galway, pleaded guilty to cruelly beating and torturing the black and white collie, outside his estranged wide home on June 26 last.

  The farmer, in his forties, has been living in a shed near the family home since his wife got a Safety Order against him in the courts in 1996.  He was also charged with breaching this Order in that, while cruelly beating the dog, he put his wide, Mary Creaven, in fear of such violence being used against her.

Judge Murrough Connellan adjourned the case until February 10, to see if Creaven would stay off the drink, on condition that he continue receiving treatment.

Donkey killer is released on bail

Evening Herald, 29/07/1999

The Dublin man jailed for two years for maliciously killing a donkey and driving an iron bar through the animal’s eye and skull was released on his own bail of £200 by the Court of Criminal Appeal today.

  Allen Carmichael (22) an apprentice electrician of Castleview, Streamsotown, Malahide, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Court to unlawfully and maliciously killing the 32 year-old female donkey at Malahide on May 30, 1998.

  The case being made on Carmichael’s behalf was that he would serve a sentence which would affect his whole life.  However, Mr Justice Barton said that the decision to grant bail was not open to the inference that the court would commune the sentence when the appeal came on hearing.

  He ordered that the appeal be listed for hearing as soon as possible.

  Ms Isobel Kennedy BL for the DPP opposed bail. This had been a very serious offence and the sentence imposed was not excessive.