Animal Crimes Register Searches and General Information

Animal Crimes Register

The increase in abuse of non-human animals in Ireland has led to this register of both suspected [reported] and confirmed [prosecuted] cases of violations.

The important role of protecting non-human animals is paramount.

We hope those convicted will be prevented from adopting, buying or otherwise possessing [or exercising control over] any animals either wild or domesticated.

Our ultimate aim is for a world that is safe for all species.

* The definition of  the word non-human  animal refers to all of those with fur, fins or feathers.

* In the future we envision that anyone convicted of any kind of animal abuse (including abandonment, failure to provide safe and appropriate shelter and nourishment, animal fighting and aggravated animal cruelty) would be mandated to provide their names, home addresses and their photograph for the registry. 

Recent Cases

Gardaí and animal welfare officers in Dublin are investigating alleged animal cruelty after up to 50 puppies were seized in two cars. The discovery was made when uniformed gardaí searched the two vehicles on the old Malahide Road in the Coolock area of the city this afternoon.